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Gladiator Factory in a nutshell

You are welcome to train with us even if you don’t speak Finnish! Please send us a message (contact information at the bottom of the page or via the Facebook messenger/Instagram) for further information about training and classes. When you come to class, please let the instructor know that you speak English.

NB! Basic coursers start 13.9.22 (BJJ) and 14.9. (MMA). Click the MyClub link to learn more about basic courses.

Location: liikunta- ja kamppailukeskus LIIKE, address: Väliköntie 4, Kuopio

Training schedule: See the calendar in this page. When you pay the membership fee, you can join any classes on the calendar. (Note that muksu BJJ/junnu BJJ means kids classes!)

How to join:
If you are starting a new hobby: the basic courses start two times a year (around September and February) and we will announce them in our website and Facebook page. You can enroll for basic course via MyClub register: first register to Factory’s MyClub and then enroll for the basic course in the events-page.
If you have previous experience with BJJ or MMA: please send us a message and you can join the classes straight away.

Billing: Via the Myclub register. Please do the registration in MyClub immediately when you start training with us. The bills are sent via MyClub to your e-mail address.

Spring season (1.1.-31.5.) 170 €
Summer season (1.6.-31.8.) 90 €
Fall season (1.9.-31.12.) 136 €
/ or 49 € per month, if you want to pay one month at a time

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